I'm Tillman Jex, a programmer and jack of many trades. Currently I'm finishing my masters degree in Creative Technologies / Computer Science between Berlin and Stockholm.

Before a focus on programming, I was working in the arts / music industry as a producer of story music, film music, and sound engineer. I was also the head engineer of MONOM, a spatial audio studio in Berlin, which saw my two loves of music and tech come together and insighted me to focus on programming and tech more seriously.
I'm also a qualified remedial massage therapist who's worked on and off for the last 10+ years for professional sports teams, on yachts, in my private clinic and in luxury saunas.

The purpose of outlining the above, is that I believe innovation and furtile ideas arrise from a broad set of lived experiences and trained skill sets; and this is a quality I actively try to foster.
I try to further this quality by writing as well. This has so far only been taking place privately, but output should gradually start to materialise here on my blog.
RSS is available for those who know what's up. For those who don't, read here.